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A Message from the President
and Founder of MDI

Welcome to Medical Dynamics International (MDI). Thank you for your interest in this most urgent appeal from medical professionals everywhere, including the world famous Mayo Clinic… 'Keep your medical information available at all times in the event of an emergency.'

In an instant an emergency can happen...


Every second counts in an emergency! Clearly, we owe it to ourselves, our loved ones and those most dear to us to be better prepared in the event of an emergency.
I invite you to examine MDI's website link to Medical I.D. Alert. Read in detail what medical professionals and others are saying as to the seriousness of the problem... and the solution.
As you begin to understand this critical health care problem, I am confident you will agree that Life Saver Medical I.D. provides a simple but effective solution. The concise summary of over 60 pieces of your medical and personal information in Life Saver Medical I.D. immediately alerts emergency personnel to your current medical condition.

Paramedics and medical professionals can begin treatment more quickly, carefully avoiding medications that may cause death or serious injury due to adverse reaction. Truly, Life Saver Medical I.D. fills an urgent need.
MDI's mission statement is well chosen:

Protect Yourself and...Those You Love!

Warmest regards,
Thomas (Tim) L. Bock
President / Founder
Medical Dynamics International (MDI)

Sales/Distributor inquiries welcomed.


Someday This Card May Save Your Life!

Doc holding LSMID

“Don’t Leave Without It!”
(London Free Press, Canada)

World famous Mayo Clinic's Health Letter
urges everyone to carry their own
medical information at all times!

In an Instant an Emergency Can Happen!

Medical Professionals everywhere including the world famous
Mayo Clinic, international newspapers and syndicated advice columnists, urge everyone to carry their own medical information at all times in the event of an emergency!


Tragically, in one year alone across North America 137,000 people died due to allergic reaction to medication and 2.1 million suffered serious injury from medications.

Putting the number of deaths in perspective, it is equivalent to the crashConcerned Doctors of a jumbo jet every day throughout the year…with no survivors!

What Medical Professionals...And Others Are Saying!

"Do you have important medical information handy in case of an emergency?"
Mayo Clinic Health Letter

"Don’t Leave Without It!"London Free Press, Canada

"Medical brief card could save life and this is no exaggeration."Ann Landers, News Columnist

Life Saver Medical I.D.



Someday This Card May Save Your Life!

Life Saver Medical I.D.
Life Saver Medial I.D. folded

Each LifeSaver Medical I.D. is about the size and thickness of a credit card with a plastic front portion. Inside the bright plastic card is a sturdy, securely attached, pre-printed fold-out section you complete with up to 60 pieces of your personal data. The data section folds so the complete I.D. fits easily into wallet or purse.

With Life Saver Medical I.D. paramedics and medical professionals can begin treatment more quickly, avoiding any medication that may cause an adverse reaction resulting in death or serious injury.Life Saver Medical I.D.

Protect Yourself…And Those You Love!
... Don't Leave Without It!


IMAGINE! 137,000 deaths in one year alone due to adverse reaction to medication!

This is equivalent to the crash of a jumbo jet everyday throughout the year... With No Survivors!  Shocking?

Plane Crash








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