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About Medical Dynamics International (MDI)

Home Office - London, Ontario Canada

Thomas (Tim) L. Bock, Founder/President

Tim and Barb Bock

After 25 years in the health care industry, Tim and his lovely wife Barbara, left Canada and moved to Clearwater, Florida in the Tampa Bay area. From their condominium home overlooking the white sands of Clearwater Beach and the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico (seen above), Tim researched a vital need.

Before moving to Florida an issue of the Mayo Clinic's Health News Letter came to Tim's attention. Medical professionals everywhere, including the world famous Mayo Clinic, were urging everyone to carry their own medical information at all times in the event of an emergency. Why?

It was alarming to learn that in one year alone 137,000 people died due to allergic reaction to medication and 2.1 million suffered serious injury. The more Tim researched, the more he found other appeals by international newspapers and well known syndicated advice columnists urging their readers to carry their own medical information at all times.

Summing up the importance of having your medical information available at all times, one international newspaper, The London Free Press advised its readers: "Don't Leave Without It!"
It was also learned that paramedics strongly recommend keeping a second copy at home. This way you will have them with you -- or someplace a paramedic can find them quickly.

In an instant an emergency can happen to Anyone...Anywhere...Anytime! Every second counts in an emergency. Life Saver Medical I.D., instantly provides paramedics over 60 pieces of your medical and personal information at a glance! With Life Saver Medical I.D. paramedics and medical professionals can begin treatment more quickly, avoiding medications that may cause an adverse reaction, resulting in serious injury or death.

In researching this need, it was quickly learned that computer technology is not always the answer. A "smart card" format with an embedded microchip containing all of the card holders personal and medical information would not be effective. Why? Paramedics may not be able to access such information. Concern was also expressed whether some card holders may not reveal certain medical conditions such as AIDS or HIV if stored in a computer bank. Thus, the lack of patient confidentiality with computer technology and paramedics not equipped to access such information negated the "smart card" format.

As a result Tim's company, Medical Dynamics International (MDI)  has now been set up in London, Ontario  to market  Life Saver Medical I.D. throughout Canada and the U.S.A.

London is a major medical center ideally located between the Canadian and U.S. market. The city is nicely situated between Toronto and Detroit.

Medical Dynamics International (MDI) provides an exceptional opportunity for those seeking to supplement or replace their present income. MDI is also seeking Regional Managers for each state in the U.S. and province in Canada. A potential six-figure income is attainable for Regional Managers developing their own sales teams marketing Life Saver Medical I.D.

This uniquely simple, but highly effective medical card instantly provides medical personnel immediate access to at least 60 pieces of your vital medical and personal information.

Mission statement for Medical Dynamics International (MDI): "Protect yourself...and those you love!"

Home Office - London, Ontario Canada

MDI Location in London



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