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Someday This Card May Save Your Life!

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Introducing Life Saver Medical I.D.

This durable, wallet-sized card from Medical Dynamics International provides a concise summary of your medical and personal information.

Life Saver Medical I.D.

 Carried in your wallet, purse or pocket, it immediately alerts emergency personnel to your current medical condition.

Speaks for you when you cannot!

An inexpensive -- yet vital -- way for you to protect yourself and your loved ones in the event of a medical emergency.


Life Saver Medical I.D. identifies over 60 pieces of your important medical conditions and personal information, including:

Next-of-kin, who to notify
Doctor's name and phone number
Blood type
Current medications
Medical conditions -- heart disease, diabetes, asthma, epilepsy, hemophilia, hearing impaired etc.
Personal data, ie: No blood, organ donor, etc.
Living Will
Health Care Surrogate.Paramedics

With Life Saver Medical I.D. paramedics and medical professionals can begin treatment more quickly, avoiding potentially tragic delays.

Protects your family at home and away
Instant access to vital information
Easily identifiable to emergency personnel worldwide
Convenient to carry - fits in your wallet
An inexpensive way to be better prepared for an emergency.


Even if you don't suffer from any health conditions and are in "excellent health," you should carry Life Saver Medical I.D.

Why? To show you have no pre-existing condition. It also carries your blood type, next-of-kin and any wishes you may have

Knowing this much information about you in an emergency situation may well assist a paramedic to provide the quickest and most appropriate treatment, avoiding any medications that may cause serious injury or death.

Medical I.D. bracelets are useful but details are limited until emergency personnel can call to confirm your full medical background.

Life Saver Medical I.D. is read immediately -- no need to phone to verify details.

Every second counts in an emergency -- it is best to be prepared!

It only takes a minute NOW to be better prepared.

Life Saver Medical I.D.
The bright red bar and medical logo makes Life Saver Medical I.D. highly visible and immediately recognizable by doctors and medical personnel worldwide.

Each Life Saver Medical I.D. is about the size and thickness of a Credit Card with a plastic front portion. Inside the bright plastic card is a sturdy, securely attached, pre-printed fold-out section you complete with your personal data. The data section folds so the complete I.D. fits easily into wallet or purse.


How To Use Life Saver Medical I.D.

Simply print carefully on preprinted section of Life Saver Medical I.D. to record your health data.

Since you fill it out personally, your information is kept private until needed.

Your doctor, pharmacist or family member can help if necessary.

Optional Photo I.D. - Simply take a photo of yourself to any copy center, photo lab, etc. They will reduce it to fit. Then cut and secure to plastic card surface with any stick adhesive.

Carry your Life Saver Medical I.D. with you at all times in your wallet or purse, along with your health card, driver's license and other important I.D. This is one of the first places emergency personnel will look.

Put a second one on your refrigerator, kitchen counter or bathroom medicine cabinet. This way you will have them with you -- or someplace a paramedic can find them.


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